What does peel over mean?

What is Peel in gaming?

“to peel” refers to taking the “aggro” (attention) of an enemy from an ally to yourself. In most games with tanks it’s optimal to have the tanks take most of the beating. The original meaning of peeling points to ai enemies and tanks have tools to take back the attention/aggro of an enemy.

What does peel off mean in slang?

(intr) slang to undress. (intr) (of an aircraft) to turn away as by banking, and leave a formation. slang to go away or cause to go away.

What does peel mean in Old English?

Word Origin for peel

Old English pilian to strip off the outer layer, from Latin pilāre to make bald, from pilus a hair.

What does peel mean in medical terms?

Medical Definition of peel

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 : to strip off an outer layer of. 2 : to remove (as skin or a blemish) by stripping.

What peel means in LoL?

What is Peeling in League of Legends? … The peel meaning in LoL refers to the action of protecting another member of your team from the enemy. Peeling is essential for keeping your carries alive, as enemies set their eyes on ’em, and target the largest threat.

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What does it mean to peel for someone LoL?

What is peeling? Peeling is when you do everything you can to protect your vulnerable allied carries. Instead of focusing on killing one person, you try to maximize and extend the lives of your team’s main damage dealers by keeping them away from danger, taking hits for them, and of course, being a threat yourself.

Why is my paint peeling?

The reasons for peeling paint can vary widely. Painting over dirty walls, excess moisture, improper prep, and using latex paint on top of oil paint can all affect the paint’s adhesion and cause it to eventually begin flaking off. … If you think your home has lead-based paint, do not try to fix the peeling paint yourself.

What does it mean to pull off something?

transitive verb. : to carry out despite difficulties : accomplish successfully against odds the team pulled off an upset. Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About pull off.

Why am I peeling when I’m not burned?

Definition. Peeling skin is unintended damage to and loss of the upper layer of your skin (epidermis). Peeling skin may occur because of direct damage to the skin, such as from sunburn or infection. It may also be a sign of an immune system disorder or other disease.

What is a peel paragraph?

The PEEL paragraph method is a technique used in writing to help structure paragraphs in a way that presents a single clear and focused argument, which links back to the essay topic or thesis statement. … It allows you to create a paragraph that is easy and accessible for others to understand.

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