Is it keep your eyes peeled or pealed?

Why do we say keep your eyes peeled?

The purpose of the peeling is to “open” it up. This would then go on to become a metaphor. Just as someone removes the skin of a fruit of vegetable to “open” them up, so too someone who is “keeping their eyes peeled” is figuratively removing the skin of their eyelids to keep them open.

Can you keep your eyes peeled?

Definition of ‘to keep your eyes peeled’

If you tell someone to keep their eyes peeled for something, you are telling them to watch very carefully for it.

What is another way to say keep your eyes peeled?

What is another word for keep eyes peeled?

keep an eye out keep your eyes open
keep an eye skinned keep a look-out
wait keep an eye peeled
watch go easy
tread lightly pay attention to

What does keeping your eyes open mean?

phrase. If you keep your eyes open or keep an eye out for someone or something, you watch for them carefully. [informal] I ask the mounted patrol to keep their eyes open.

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Where did keep your eyes peeled?

This expression and its variant keep your eyes skinned date back to sometime in the first half of the 1800s. To skin something and to peel somethingmean the same thing, although to skin is usually used for animals and to peel is usually used for fruit.

Will keep an eye out for?

: to hope to see or find (someone or something) I’m keeping an eye out for a good cheap used car. He’ll be here soon, so keep your eye out for him.

What does keep your ears peeled mean?

‘To keep an eye open’ is less intense: it means to keep watching, while still attending to other things. The expression ‘keep an ear peeled’ is a semi-facetious variant of the above expressions and it means ‘keep listening for this one thing while still attending to the rest of the performance’.

Where did the phrase Keep me posted come from?

The wooden post usually was in a centralized area where people gathered for conversation or gossip. This is where the saying “keep me posted” originated from, because people literally had to nail it on a post.

What’s another way to say stay tuned?

Classic Thesaurus 1970, Synonyms for Stay tuned, Classic Thesaurus, viewed 20 October, 2021, <>.

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25 »keep watching exp. & idi.attention, request, media
8 »stay with us exp. &, attention, request

Will be on the lookout meaning?

Definition of be on the lookout for

: to watch or search for (something or someone) : be alert to Be on the lookout for flooded roads after heavy rainstorms.

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How do you keep your eyes open?

When You Can Barely Keep Your Eyes Open, These 6 Tricks Will Help You Stay Awake

  1. Use Your Breath To Guide You. Gulf News on YouTube. …
  2. Make Sure You Stay Hydrated. Giphy. …
  3. Take A Deep Whiff Of Peppermint Essential Oil. Giphy. …
  4. Experiment With Energizing Pressure Points On Your Body. Yasuko Kawamura on YouTube.

Will keep my ears open?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishkeep your ears openkeep your ears opento always be listening in order to find out what is happening or to hear some useful information I hope you’ll all keep your eyes and ears open for anything unusual.

What is the meaning of keeping an eye?

If you keep an eye on something or someone, you watch them carefully, for example to make sure that they are satisfactory or safe, or not causing trouble. … I went for a run there, keeping an eye on the children the whole time.