Hi LangeFam! I hope you’re all having an amazing Thursday so far. I’m feeling very productive / on the ball despite the fact that i’m sitting in front of the fire with the sniffles. The dogs are all asleep next to me and it’s only 3pm! A bit of quiet time is good though, as i’m slowly working my way through all my emails and admin. I’ll feel so relieved when its all complete! Also, its my mum’s birthday today! And i’m not in Aus to help her celebrate! Wah. I’ll be seeing her at Christmas though we can celebrate her belated birthday then, Irish style!


Now, to the dress. As I said on Instagram just now, I have an addiction to maxi dresses. Here’s why:
– You don’t need to shave your legs to wear them
– You can eat as much as you like, conceive a food baby and not suck in
– You could wear ugly shoes like Crocs underneath and no one would see them
– Wear it with a faux leather jacket and you immediately look classy

What more could anyone want from a dress?! This beautiful one is the Garden Goddess Dress from Fashion Nova. You can use the discount code: XOSTEPHL for $$$ off! I have the dress in a size small. Here’s the link to Fashion Nova https://goo.gl/MCG4oB

This picture was taken by my lovely Instagram husband Darren, who worked hard to make me look somewhat majestic in this pic, when in real life I was feeling bloated. Yay Darren!

Have a great day my loves! x

oaihdo copy

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