Good evening my beautiful Lange Fam! I hope you’re all have a nice night. I’m currently sat in front of the fire with a hot water bottle and a whisky – which would be lovely if I  wasn’t dealing with severe cramps! Ugh! Anyway, I’ve been loving you guys’s feed back on my Scottish vlog that I put up tonight, you are amazing! Every single one of your comments makes me so happy! I love blogging my trip, cos it felt like i was taking you guys on the trip with me!

In this picture I was enjoying a beautiful evening on the ‘bonnie banks of Loch Lomond’. Look at that sunset reflected in the water! I’ve had a lot of comments on the dress i’m wearing, so I thought i’d link it here for you.

It’s the Urban Outfitters Red Checked Lace-Up Day Dress: I have it in size XS as it’s a loose fitting dress with an adjustable lace up back. 5130444014444_060_f

IMG_0161 copy

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