#KindByNature with Nude By Nature

Hi my lovely ones, I hope you’re all doing really well!
As you’ll know, I’ve been trying really hard this last year to use and promote
only cruelty free products. This has meant that I’ve missed out on a lot
of campaigns and opportunities, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel SO
strongly that we as the beauty community need to take a stand against cruel
animal testing practices. I would never allow my dogs to be put in laboratories
to be tested on, all for the sake of beauty products, so why would I purchase
products from companies who do just this? I wouldn’t.
In my opinion in this day and age there is just no excuse to keep buying and
using makeup brands that test their products on animals. There are SO many
high quality, amazing brands that are cruelty free on the market, and these are
the brands that we should proudly be supporting and giving our hard earned
money to. I’m trying my best to do my bit, and to help stop animal cruelty and
animal testing. I know that the vast majority of you guys, my amazing followers
are animal lovers yourselves, and with your help I hope that one day we can
all achieve an end to animal testing.
How many of you guys are familiar with the gorgeous cruelty free brand Nude
by Nature? They specialize in high quality, naturally powered makeup
products such as foundation, illuminators and eye shadows. Nude by Nature
feel so passionately about bringing and end to animal testing that they’ve
started a movement. As Nude by Nature say so well themselves: ‘Animal
cruelty. It’s not in our nature’. The Nude by Nature #KindByNature
movement is aiming to encourage beauty lovers to cast their vote, in ending
animal testing by choosing cruelty free products, and makeup brands that
don’t test on animals.
It’s time to take a stand against animal cruelty. Help me support
@nudebynature‘s #kindbynature fight for 100% cruelty free cosmetics.
To join me in the #KindByNature movement, share you own photo on
Instagram with the hashtag #KindByNature and include this caption: ‘I support
@nudebynature‘s #kindbynature movement for 100% cruelty free cosmetics
because: (enter your own reason)’.
I’m going to be trawling through the #KindByNature hashtag on Instagram and liking as many photos as I can.
This is a subject very close to my heart, I feel so passionately about doing my
part to end animal testing. And do you know what the best part about it is? I
don’t have to compromise my makeup looks for my morals. There are SO
many brilliant cruelty free makeup brands such as Nude By Nature that have the most gorgeous products. I’ll give you a little run down of them here shall

If you’re a fan of mineral foundations, you’ll love the Nude by Nature Radiant Loose Powder Foundation range (AU – Product Name – Natural Mineral Cover).
First off, just LOOK at that packaging! All that rose gold goodness! The

The packaging feels really well made, and very luxurious on all their products.

This foundation evens out skin tones and helps tone down discolouration. It has a bunch of natural active ingredients, such as: Australian Kakadu Plum to revitalize your skin with its high Vitamin C content, Jojoba Esters to nourish the skin, and Kaolin Clay for a radiant complexion.

Mineral Foundation

You guys know that my face is an oil slick at the best of times, so the Mattifying Pressed Setting Powder (AU – Product Name – Pressed Mattifying Mineral Veil) become my face’s best friend. It’s gorgeous rose gold compact looks so pretty in my handbag, and its slim packaging means that I can take it anywhere really easily.


The Flawless Pressed Powder Foundation (AU – Product Name – Pressed Mineral Cover) is for those of you who love your mineral loose foundations, but want something a little more portable, and travel friendly for those midday touch ups. Again featuring the beautiful rose gold compact design, this foundation contains Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter to help nourish your gorgeous face.

flawless pressed powder foundation

And finally, we have the most interesting makeup product I’ve seen lately, the Contour Fluid Trio (Same product name as INT/AU) These three babies are amazing for contouring, highlighting and neutralizing naughty areas of the face. They’re so lightweight and comfortable on the skin (no heavy contours here!) and they blend like a dream. If you like a natural contour and highlight with powerful natural ingredients, then this trio is for you!

contour trio
I hope you guys enjoyed this little introduction to Nude by Nature, and I cant
wait to see all your #KindByNature pictures on Instagram! Cruelty free all the way! x

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