Hey guys! As the majority of you will know, I suffer from both rosacea AND acne (yay me!) For me, keeping my skin texture looking as smooth as possible under my makeup is a huge deal. The redness that’s associated with acne and rosacea is easy enough to cover up, but texture isn’t. I’m thinking about filming a video all about skin texture and how to keep it looking as smooth as possible. Would you guys watch it?

I’ve been loving these four products lately, they have made such a difference in how smooth my foundation looks, and how it wears throughout the day.

TARTE Rainforest of the Sea Marine Boosting Mist


This handy little spray bottle holds a smooth, hydrating liquid which feels super cooling and calming to the skin. After cleansing my face in the morning, i’ve been enjoying spraying this onto my face as a primer before applying my foundation. To be honest, I was sceptical about this product when i first received it, as I don’t particularly love setting sprays, and I’m definitely not a fan of primer. However once I’d tried this spray, I was surprised and delighted when I saw how much of a difference it actually made to how my foundation sat on my skin. My skin looked plumper, hydrated and healthier. It minimised any dry patches of skin I had, and kept my skin surface looking a lot smoother.


PROACTIV Pore Targeting Solution


I’ve been using this guy for about 6 months now I think! This is Proactiv’s version of a chemical exfoliator. The reason I love this particular product, is because it’s quite unique! With a lot of chemical exfoliators i’ve tried (and believe me, i’ve tried a lot!) they can tend to dry out my skin, and my skin can get very irritated and red if I use them to often. Proactiv’s Pore Targeting Solution is different in that it clears spots and prevents new ones from forming using Smart Target benzoyl peroxide. This means that the active ingredient (in this case micronized benzoyl peroxide) is delivered directly into your pores where it’s needed, which minimises dryness and irritation. Brilliant!

URBAN DECAY All Nighter Foundation


I am in luuuurve with this foundation. To be completely honest, it is a bit of a love / hate relationship, but leaning mostly on the side of love. The pros of this foundation would be that when it claims that its a matte foundation, it ain’t lying. This is the BEST matte foundation i’ve ever used. It stays put pretty much all day, which on skin as oily as mine is no mean feat. The bottle is brilliant as it’s a pump bottle, and its completely smash proof (I tested this by accidentally dropping mine of the tiled floor numerous times – this guy just wont break!). The coverage is amazing. My skin is super red and blotchy, and just a thin layer of this foundation gives me all the coverage I need. I don’t use concealers. The cons of this foundation would be that if you have a break out or a lot of texture on your skin, this foundation can exacerbate that and make it look worse, although if you use all the products i’ve mentioned in this blog post, you shouldn’t really have skin texture issues at all! So this con kind of cancels itself out. The only other con would be that this foundation does tend to oxidise on me. I’d say i’m about a shade 4 naturally (when i’m not wearing fake tan), however because of the oxidisation I use shade 3, which goes on super pale, but then settles to my natural colour once its oxidised. So again, this con isn’t particularly bad.

SIGMA 3DHD Blender


I am OBSESSED with this sponge! As you guys will know, I only every apply my foundation using a sponge, usually the Beauty Blender. However, when I heard that Sigma was coming  out with their own version of the beauty blender, I was SO excited! I adore Sigma brushes, so I knew that their sponge would be amazing, and I wasn’t disappointed! This sponge is amazing. It makes my foundation guide on so effortlessly, and the ridges along the sponge  mean that it gets into any tight areas such as your lip line, crevice around the nose and your brows etc! It’s also ridiculously easy to clean, and it doesn’t stain. AND it’s so affordable, only $15 – and you can get a further 10% off using my Sigma discount code: STEPHANIE10 !!! Yay!

Do you use any of these products? Let me know!

SL x




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