SEPHORA Australia is now ONLINE!!

Hi guys, I don’t know if you’ve heard yet or not – but Sephora Australia is now ONLINE: sephora-collection ! Us Aussie beauty lovers have been waiting for this day since Sephora first landed in Australia – and on the 2nd of November, it happened! We can now shop ONLINE from Sephora! So no matter where you are located in Aussie land – you can get your mitts on all the goodies that Sephora has to offer. Aussie beauty lovers rejoice.


I did a little bit of shopping myself, and thought I would show you guys my favourite products from the Sephora Collection, just in case you need a little help deciding what to pick for yourself! By the way, if you wanna browse any of the items that I have as you go – here’s the link to Sephora’s online store: sephora-collection

I’ve used a lot of the products i got in this tutorial here, if you want to see some of them in action!

So starting my Sephora Collection rundown is:

– Medium Shopping Bag Makeup Palette

3 111

This is THE cutest palette I’ve seen in a long time. It’s the perfect gift idea for Christmas! Look at the cute packaging! It’s in the shape of the iconic Sephora shopping bag, complete with little red rope to hold onto!

Inside, it has almost everything a makeup lover could want – all in one gorgeous package! The middle portion has a multitude of different eyeshadow colours. They range from matte, to shimmer – even to cream eyeshadows! The pigment is amazing too! On the left hand side draw, you’ll find the lip colours. You have some nudes, some rose shades and then some deeper, more dramatic statement colours too. On the right hand side, you have blushes, bronzers and highlights! Just THINK of all the looks you can do with this one palette!

– Colourful 5 Eyeshadow Palette


* with flash

This little beauty of a palette here, features 5 shades. On the website, you’ll find that the ‘Colourful 5 Eyeshadow Palette’ range actually has almost every colour combo you could ever want! I chose this particular palette to begin with. (I’ll invest in the others too!) The colour i chose is ’06 Pale to Rich Taupe’. I think it’s the perfect colour combo to create the ultimate smokey eye. These colours are so universal, and will look amazing on everyone with blue eyes, to green, brown – and everything in between! This will suit everyone.


* no flash (taken in daylight)

On the left, you have the shimmering highlight shades. These are great for highlighting the inner corners of the eye, and the brow bone. If you’re feeling particularly bronzed and creative, you could also use these shades as a cheekbone highlight! In the middle, you have two taupe / bronze shades – both are shimmers. These look beautiful swept over the entire lid, and underneath the lash line. Lastly, on the far right you have to one matte shade. It is a deep, pigmented chocolate brown – perfect for elongating the eyes, or running through the roots of the lashes to make them appear thicker!

– Colour Adapting Lip Balm3

I must say, i am on somewhat of a lip balm rampage at the moment. My lips have been getting SO dry (i’m looking at you, liquid matte lipsticks) and all i really want to wear at the moment are hydrating balms. In saying that, i hate missing out on giving my lips a dose of colour, so when i spotted this tinted lip balm, i was intrigued! This only comes in one colour (pictured) and the genius in this, is that it will turn a different colour on every person, depending on their individual PH, skin tone and body heat etc. This would be another perfect Christmas gift idea, as you don’t have to worry about choosing the right colour for the lucky gift receiver! I’ve been wearing this little beauty most days, to hydrate and to add a little tint of colour at the same time. Love it!

– Smooth and Bright Concealer


Did you see my video ‘My Boyfriend Does My Makeup’? If not – here it is:

In this video, my fiancé Darren chooses this concealer to conceal any overly blotchy areas on my face – so if you wanna see it in action, go watch that video! This is such a versatile concealer. First of all, it comes in SO many colours. The colour i have is: ’01 Clair Light’. I chose this colour as I not only wanted it to conceal certain areas, but to brighten them too! It’s quite a sheer formula, and not particularly thick (as you can see in the picture below). Because of this i like to apply it straight from the built in brush, and then blend it out with my beauty blender.



– Brow Thickener


This little guy here is a must if you have sparse, or thin eyebrows. I’ve been using this on my brows before setting the hairs in place with brow gel, as it thickens the hairs, and adds a touch of colour. If you prefer a rather low maintenance brow regime, then this would be a great product for you! sweep on a little of this brow thickener, brush it out with a spooly, and you’re good to go! The colour i have is Medium Brown.

– Highlight Lowlight Face Contour Duo

I’ve been using this little double ended stick to contour my nose and cheek bones since the day it arrived! If you wanna see it in action, here’s my video:


As you can see, this is a contouring and highlighting pen. The colour i have is ‘T4 Deep’. I chose this colour (which to be honest is VERY dark) as I do like quite a dramatic contour, but on reflection, i probably should have gone for a shade lighter. If however, you have a very deep skintone, this colour would be BRILLIANT for you to both contour AND highlight! Personally because i did choose a shade too dark, i’ve been using both sides to contour. The ‘highlight’ shade when i want a more natural looking contour, and the ‘contour’ shade when i want that real chiselled contour look.


The formula itself is quite dense. It does take a little work to blend it out (I use a dry beauty blender), but once it is blended out, it looks amazing. This product is also incredibly pigmented, which means you only have to use one swipe to get excellent colour payoff. In turn, this product will last you ages! Yay!

– Lip Oil Infusion Colour and Care


19You know how I said i’m repping the lip balms at the moment? Well this goes for lip oils too. Basically anything that hydrates the lips, i’m all over it! This little gem is about as hydrating as a lip colour can get. It’s unique blend of kendi oil and shea butter feels absolutely AMAZING on the lips. It’s not sticky AT ALL, nor does it have the texture of a lipgloss. It literally feels like you’ve dabbed some kind of luxurious oil on your lips. Hydrating, smooth and comfortable. The colour I chose is ’07 Raspberry Smoothie’. I know in the tube it looks like it’s going to be ridiculously bright and pigmented, but its not. If anything, it has little more than a subtle tint.

– Rouge Infusion Lip Stain


This product is a strange one. It’s not quite a lip gloss, but not quite a lip treatment either. It’s kind of in the middle. Compared to the Lip Oil Infusion above, the formula itself is much thicker. The colour I have (17 Petal) is not overly pigmented, I would describe my colour as a soft, rose nude. Here’s a swatch for you:


It doesn’t feel quite as nourishing as the Lip Oil, but it’s not going to dry your lips out either. I wear this over the top of a lip liner to add a bit of moisture and a glossy finish.

– Universal Lip Liner


I’d give you a swatch of this one – but you wouldn’t see it. It’s clear! Invisible! And that’s the beauty of it! This liner is a must have if you like to wear statement or pigmented lip colours. The way this little guy works, (or how I like to use it) is to gently draw around the OUTSIDE of your lip line. Don’t worry, you won’t see it, it’s completely clear. What it will do however, is prevent your lip colour from ‘bleeding’ or feathering out from your lips! This makes it the perfect product for mature ladies who have issues with their lippies not staying put. All in all a very useful product, and a must in your makeup kit! Oh – did i mention it’s waterproof too?


There we are guys! So that’s my most recent Sephora Collection haul! I hope you like it! Remember if you want to purchase any of the products that i’ve mentioned, you can now get them online here: sephora-collection

Leave me any questions or comments down below! What’s your favourite Sephora Collection products?


Stephi x


8 thoughts on “SEPHORA Australia is now ONLINE!!

  1. Hi Stephanie. My name’s Stephanie, too. 🙂

    I recently discovered your channel, and can’t stop watching your tutorials. Last night, I ordered many brushes from Sigma. I only use organic makeup that isn’t tested on animals, so I have to find alternatives to several of the ofirst the products you recommend. I look to trying out your tips for a special occasion later this month. 🙂


  2. Hey lady. I have pore issues. So I watched your video. Mine look different then yours and I tried what you did but it almost made it worse. I hate how you can see them more with foundation. Even though I used your technics I wish I could show you a pic. Do you have any other tips? My snap chat is everywoman8509 or email. Thanks love.


  3. You are such an amazing woman. I found your YouTube channel and cannot stop watching you! You are very knowledgeable and I agree with you on all of your videos about confidence. You have taught us all so much I love how you post the exact brushes and cosemetics you are using you are a beautiful person inside and out!!!


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    ****Look at my blog it is detrimental:©

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  5. Love your makeup videos. What do you recommend to do with mature lips that have the vertical lines.? Is matte lipstick better and what is the best way to minimize the lines?

    Thanks so much!
    Holly Barding


  6. I have a quick question; your last video February 16th you used the make up forever foundation. Usually you use Channel, which I’ve been wanting to try and will as soon as I get to Macy’s. My question is, did you just use this one for product placement or did you switch? I’m usually oily and red and use tarte now. It’s just getting super heavy so my next buy will be channel. Thank you. Your videos are a huge help.


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