Cut Crease for Hooded Eyes + 90’s / Kylie Jenner Lip! Product List and PHOTOS!

Hi guys!! So today is Thursday. With my new video uploading schedule i should have already had a video uploaded on Monday, and this one should be my second video of the week right? Wrong. Well right, but i didn’t end up uploading on Monday! I’m sorry! I had THREE videos filmed, but when i watched them back, they were so crap!! I had attempted filming them before and after work, and the ‘before’s’ were rushed and i spoke too fast (yeah, even faster than usual) and the ‘after work’ ones, i looked soooo tired and didnt have any energy! So i decided best not to upload one on Monday at all, rather than put out a crap video.

So! Here’s my offering for the week! Cut Crease for Hooded Eyes + 90’s / Kylie Jenner Lip!

Right, so here’s the Product List:

– ‘BB Creme + Illumination’ Gerard Cosmetics (as primer underneath foundation) USE CODE: SLM25 for 25% off all Gerard Cosmetics!

– ‘Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation’ Chanel (Colour 10 Beige)ÈRE-VELVET-182521

– ‘Ethereal Light, Ambient Lighting Powder’ Hourglass

– ‘Born To Blush’ Sigma

– ‘Loose Shimmer Ravishing’ Sigma (Used as cheek highlight!)

– ‘Bahama Mama Contour’ The Balm
Bahama Mama® — Bronzer, Shadow & Contour Powder


Shadows all from the Brilliant and Spellbinding Palette
– ‘Healthy’ – Sigma (inner corner highlight)
– ‘Languid’ – Sigma (transition colour)
– ‘Healthy’ – Sigma (Again! All over the MOBILE lid)
– ‘IG2’ – Sigma (underneath lower lash line)

– Motives Mavens Palette:

– ‘Stylo Yuex Eyeliner’ Chanel (Colour 88 Intense Noir)

– ‘Multi Mega Lash’ Australis

– ’43’ Kara Eyelashes

‘Colorstay Foundation’ Revlon (a little to neaten up the cut crease!)
– ‘Aqua Brow’ Makeup Forever (Colour 25)

– ‘Brow Bar to Go’ Gerard Cosmetics (USE CODE: SLM25 for 25% off all Gerard Cosmetics!)

– ‘GoldDigger’ Australis ( I have a bad feeling they’ve discontinued this!)
Here’s a few alternatives for this colour:
NYX NYX Retractable Lip Liner – 01 Natural
Milani ‘Spice’ Lip Liner
– ‘3DHD Kabuki’ Sigma (used to apply BB creme primer and foundation!)

– ‘Large Copper Powder Brush’ Sigma (Used for setting the foundation in place)

– ‘F40 – Large Angled Contour’ Sigma (Used for contouring, and for highlight on cheek bones!)

– ‘F15 Duo Fibre Blush Brush’ Sigma (for blush! duh!)

– ‘E65 Small Angled Brush’ Sigma (used for brows)

– ‘E55 Shading Brush’ Sigma (used for inner corner and brow bone highlight)

– ‘E40 Blending Brush’ Sigma (used for soft blending!)

– ‘E39 Buff and Blend’ Sigma (used for pinpoint blending and colour placement)

– ‘E32 Exact Blend’ Sigma (used to blend out lower lash line)

Aanaard here’s the photos!

9 701 1 701 2 701 4 701 5 701

20 thoughts on “Cut Crease for Hooded Eyes + 90’s / Kylie Jenner Lip! Product List and PHOTOS!

  1. Hellppp! You mention a few times that you fake tan, I have the same skin tone as you and use ur make up tips all the time, I know it’s an extension of make up but can you either do a post or recommend the best fake tan for pale skin!! :)))


  2. Hi Sephanie!

    I love your videos! I’m so appreciative especially of the hooded eye tutorials! I’m getting married this July, and the wedding will be in Greece (very hot). I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on bridal makeup or perhaps recommend a few products I could use. I love your Victoria Secret 2014 look, so I was thinking something similar perhaps…. In general I want to look fresh, awake, natural and glowing. My wedding theme is blush/ light pink/ light peach/ rose and gold, so I was thinking of using that sort of palette for my makeup too. I’m a brunette with olive-toned skin if that makes a difference.

    I plan to do my makeup myself right now because I’m not sure I’ll be able to find products or a makeup artist once I get to Greece. So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks so much!


  3. Hi just want to start by saying ur make up is FAB, love the tutorials, so helpful… Was wondering if u could do one on vintage pin up make up styles? Love the look but lost lol need help… Liner in particular… Please. Thank u and look forward to more…


  4. Hi
    I love your videos and now can’t watch anyone else do make up tutorials! I wondered if you had done a video on dark under eye circles or bags? Do you have any advice? Thanks so much! Also where do you work? How can people get made over by you? Thanks again!


  5. Hello Stephanie – thank you so much for your tutorials on hooded eyes. I have found these extremely useful and has helped me a lot in applying eye makeup. I would also be grateful if you can advise of where you purchased your earrings (camelia crystal earrings) which are so so beautiful in your tutorial of 11 June 2014 – Hooded Lids – cut crease and winged liner. I would very much like to get a pair. Thank you.
    Many thanks



  6. I loved the cut crease tutorial and will be trying it. Can you share who makes the gold spiked earrings you wore in the video?


  7. Sorry to leave my comment here but it seemed the only way to reach you as I don’t have IG or tumblr or twitter 😛 I also have hooded eyes (minimal) and also that my eyes are slightly more down-wards slanting in the corners but high in the middle so I don’t like to over-do eyeliner, what I do is tend to stick to as thin as possible liner in the middle and then the farther to the down-wards sloping corner I make it thicker and pointing upwards. Then I add falsies but I cut them in half and only apply them to the outer corner as a full set really looks ridiculous/fake on me because the rest of my eye is so high. The outside falsies really lift up my eye and I have to say I’m so happy with the look. I wanted to give you the tip to see if it worked for you as well (the demi lashes) as you have a similar eyeshape as mine 🙂


  8. I love the hooded eye videos. I have pretty bad ones and this helps me soooo much. U r gorgeous and cute and funny. Love the lip too keep up the great work. I will be watching iver and over to learn


  9. Hello Stephanie, I love your videos as you explain everything so well. I like discrete make-up and your videos for hooded eyes are great. I would like to suggest videos about how to apply blush in a natural and discrete way as I always feel like a clown when I apply blush. I have a small face so what ever I apply I feel the blush is covering my entire face. Also I don’t think that you need to contour before applying blush every time as in the morning not all of us have that much of the time. Thank you


  10. Please be nicer to yourself, Stephanie! You’re a busy, successful gal with a full platter! All your videos are great and well worth waiting for!


  11. What are some other good foundations, highlighters and contouring products for fair skin that I can buy from Priceline or somewhere like that? I love your videos watch them regularly but I’m not big on online shopping but would love to start playing around with some make up please help!


  12. Stephanie

    My daughter put me on to your tutorials and I have been watching them avidly…even though I am old enough to be your mother and find it quite upsetting going from looking at your face, pausing tutorial and looking at mine in the mirror as I try and copy what you just did! I have hooded eyes and I am trying so hard to get the “cut crease” thing right as it is just what I need! I cant get it!!! It looks easy, then I do what I think you just did and it looks like someone just punched me in the face! Do you have a guide for older idiots? I’m really struggling and think face lift maybe only answer! Loving your tutorials and have just bought a contour kit so I can try a bit of sculpting….sadly got extra dark by mistake, when I’m so white in virtually blue!

    I’ll keep watching and practicing!

    Jo Davis x


  13. Hi Stephanie! I am a new subbie on your channel & just wanted to show you some love! I really enjoy your videos because I find that you use techniques I’ve never seen anywhere else on youtube! Keep doing you, you’re amazing!


  14. So this is totally unrelated to this blog, but i dont know how else to contact you. I recently came across your youtube videos and i just want to say i love your tutorials. They are so helpful and your just adorable anyways. (Dont listen to all those haters!) I wondered if i could get some help. Im interested in going more natural and so im curious about mineral makeup. Do you have any suggestions on how to use it properly? Especially for acne prone skin. And whats your opinion of mineral makeup? Id love to hear back from you. Thanks


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