Life Update! Video Uploads, Work, 100k Subscribers!

Hi guys!

Sorry it’s been a while since i posted on here! With Christmas and New Years i have been run off my rocker trying to fit everything in! I work full time as a resident makeup artist for a brand, i’ve been freelancing AND trying to fit in 3 YouTube videos per week and I slightly hit a wall! For the moment i’ve dropped down to 2 videos per week, and i will have them uploaded on Mondays and Thursdays. Does this sound good to you guys? I hope that work will ease off a little within the next few weeks, so i may be able to sneak and extra bonus video in here or there for you guys!

Once everything has settled back down to a more manageable pace work wise, i will get back to the 3 videos per week that i was doing originally! In the mean time, is there any videos that you guys want to request? I will be doing a lot more looks for hooded eyes, as they have been getting a great response! I will get up early before work tomorrow to film another for you!

On another note, I REACHED 100k SUBSCRIBERS!!!!!! I can’t believe it, i am SO excited!! Thank you guys SO much, you don’t know how much your support and love means to me. 🙂

Anyway, i’m off to watch a wee episode of Peaky Blinders with the finance now, and then off to bed so that i don’t sleep through my alarm tomorrow!


Stephi xo

6 thoughts on “Life Update! Video Uploads, Work, 100k Subscribers!

  1. I would like if you can suggest the right color for me of that exact channel velvet lumiere foundation (something like that–(on the name)) you used in your video because I’d like to purchase one for myself–it looks amazing on you! Great coverage. I’m wondering if I can email my picture to you in order for you to see my skin tone. I was also thinking about picking up the powder that goes with that foundation– according to So please get back to me at your earliest convenience.

    PS: I have nothing but praise for all your videos. Thank you! 💕


  2. Hi Stephanie I love your videos ❤ i have hooded eyes and I was wondering if you Could do a bridal makeup for hooded eyes pelase.


  3. Stephanie I absolutely love you!! I too am very pale and have very oily skin. Your foundation recommendations have been wonderful!! I also have hooded eyes 🙂 I love all of your videos and please keep making new ones!


    I have an artificial eye. The eye is so very slightly smaller than the good eye.. How would you suggest wearing eye dhadow to balance out the eyes?


  5. Hi lovely, I on
    Y just found your channel and blog but I am in love already! I’m so excited that you do so many hooded eye tutorials, I even used your natural one for work today and it made such a difference! Excited to follow along and try our your tips. Xxx


  6. Hey girl i love your videos…I don’t have instagram or twitter or anything like that so this is the only way i can connect with you…i have an oily skin and before i get my hands on high end products i wanted to try drugstore…I don’t know what have i been doing wrong but my makeup just sits on my face I don’t get flawless coverage rather i get cakey finish like white stuff around my mouth and cheeks and forehead basically where i get more oily…i have pores as well so i don’t know what should i do to get the smooth flawless looking skin and also when i put concealer and powder bronzer i feel that just sits on my skin as well u can see powder sitting on my face like gettimg stuck in the pores….can you please tell me how should i apply my foundation?


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