Acne Coverage Foundation Routine (Acne Scarring + Pigmentation)

Hi my loves! Like i promised, here’s the blog post all about how to cover acne, scarring and pigmentation.

Important points:

– NEVER rub your foundation in. This will aggravate the skin and cause hyper-exfoliation, where you get those flaky bits of skin that your foundation will cling to, and look cakey. If you have acne, it will also irritate the acne scabs (sounds bad but it’s true!) and spread bacteria and inflame the acne.

– Don’t skimp on moisturiser! Down below you’ll find a few suggestions of good light moisturisers to use before makeup if you have acne.

– PAT your powder in. Use a matte powder to absorb the light and give the illusion of a smooth, even texture to the skin. Like i said in the video, it’s easy to cover the redness from acne, but not so easy to cover the bumps and uneven texture.

– Avoid using too many products. Avoid creams and heavy liquids. My favourite is Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation, but Revlon Colorstay and MAC Studio Fix will work too.

Good Moisturisers for Acne Prone Skin:


– Sukin Sensitive Facial Moisturiser


– Origins A Perfect World


– Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Perfecting Moisturizing Day Cream

Let me know if you have any questions guys!

Love you all xoxo

14 thoughts on “Acne Coverage Foundation Routine (Acne Scarring + Pigmentation)

  1. Great tips! I agree about all of them. I never ever would rub a foundation into the skin. It just wastes so much product! You end up using so much more than needed.
    And amen on patting powder in. I always cringe a little when I see people sweeping it or buffing it across the face

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  2. Hi Stephanie 🙂
    Wow, you are drop dead gorgeous! Gotta tell you, you are the most good looking girl I have ever seen! (No I’m straight:)
    You just changed my view on makeup. Like, why haven’t anyone told me how to use a brush to apply foundation? I’ve got oily skin, and it just have been a disaster, but no more! And I actually have got the Chanel matte foundation, but it’s way too yellow for me.. I’ve got a pretty pale skin with a cool undertone, so, I looked like a Norwegian-Chinese mutant disaster. The few times I’ve worn it.
    I will never ever let the seller pick out the shade for me again!
    BUT! It really worked! All my scars and acne just disappeared, without any flaky bits, I am totally amazed!

    Keep on rockin’ !
    Hugs & kisses from northern Norway ❤


  3. Hi 🙂 I’ve just bought the chanel perfection lumiere velvet. Thank you for your informative demo. It looks amazing on you. I’ve yet to see if it hold my oilies back!!! I have to ask. What mascara are you wearing in the video? Or false lashes?
    Lots of love from the U.K X


  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your videos because I’m very much a makeup novice and am trying to learn more about how to enhance my natural beauty! You and I have very similar hair color, skin tone and eye color so a lot of your videoshave been super helpful. but I was wondering about other problem areas I have.. dark eye circles? Will concealer be sufficient?


  5. Hi, I’m wondering if the profection lumiere, in the clear bottle (not velvet) covers as well? I bought it & they gave me the wrong bottle 😦


  6. Thank you this video! I admit, I usually do everything you Sid not to, so I think this will greatly change my make up routine!


  7. HI Stephanie! Just checked out several of your tutorials. You are wonderful! Thank you! Could you please let me know what you think about using a foundation brush. I see you use a sponge. Is that your preference, if so , why? Do you have anything against a foundation brush? Also, could you give me some tips on applying makeup to obscure wrinkles. I am a middle aged lady with prominent wrinkles on my forehead and in between my eyes. Foundation and powder seems to bring them out. Thank you pretty one!


  8. Hi Stephanie. I have been looking for a skin routine for middle aged almost 47 with some fine lines around the mouth. Oily skin and some breakouts mostly small on chin, or apps of my cheeks little tiny once in a great while on nose. I don’t really do much but cleanse with grapefruit Neutrogena scrub in the shower and sometimes a mask just bought white kind deep cleansing. Put on a litte while before the shower and then rinse it off. I have cleansing cloths for makeup remover when I wear it do t get out much. Chemo patient. Bad immune system. The. I use a sample moisturizer from Merle Norman and eye cream from my Ipsy bag with Avacado in it. But I been researching averywhere for skin routine and foundation. For weeks now. So tired. Thought I would get a gentle cleanser and moisturizer and eye cream. Small wrinkles around the eyes. And they crease with makeup. Need to get a setting powder maybe? Elf has a good one I hear. I just went on Loreal Paris website and they have a ? Thing u go on to see what the right foundation, skin care. Hair color etc in their brand and wrote it down. But already have the foundAtion true match liquid for oily skin and almost too matte. Makes my wrinkles around my chin look worse. I have asked several ppl on YouTube channel beauties and got a few different. One is Cover girl three in one. And the Revlon not sure which think the 12-24 hr one and the Neutrogena healthy skin one and maybe mix those two. I would live to buy one that has a little lumi to it or primer. Feel dull during chemo. Couldn’t I set it with powder and not look so oily. I won’t be wearing it for long stretches like women who work. I’m home and just get out a little treatments and doc and a little shopping on e in a while. Please help me. Do I use a moisturizer for oily skin and how do I get one for wrinkle to prevent more. Any ?s u might need to know to make a decision please please email. Me. I’m on IG too. Think I follow. Will make sure. Always watch on u tube. Don’t do twitter. Please please help me. Joyce Chitwood. I would give u my phone even if u need it in a email. Thanks so much. I just want to look and feel pretty while going thru this treatment.


  9. Hi Stephanie,, I am so happy that I finally found someone I can absolutely trust. I was searching for makeup tutorials for my prom where I found this. I wanted to know how long will the makeup stay and what if I sweat??
    Kiss kiss


  10. Hi, thanks for the tips!
    I have the same skin type as you.
    what type of concealer do you recommend with the Chanel foundation?
    I want one that won’t dissolve the foundation.


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