Stephanie’s Favourite Makeup Look! Purple Lips + Brown Smoky Eye!

Hi lads n ladies!

So tonight i uploaded a tutorial for one of my most favourite makeup looks ever. It’s edgy, sexy and fun all in one! Here’s the video in case you missed it: 

So: here’s what i used!


– ‘Wheat’ Bobbi Brown – All through the crease. As always!

– ‘Flawless Figure’ MAC as inner corner highlight (any highlight will work!)

– ‘Rich Caviar’ Bobbi Brown

– ‘Stylo Yuex Liner’ Chanel in the colour #10 Noir (black)

– ‘Precision Pen Stylo something-or-other’ (basically a fancy name for the new Chanel liquid pen liner)

– ‘Le Volume Mascara’ Chanel in colour #10 Noir (black)

– ‘Insert name here’ < the shadow doesn’t have a name! The rat! It’s a shimmery maroon from Girlee Cosmetics.

– ‘Embark’ MAC onto mobile lid and possibly underneath the lash line if you can’t find Girlee Cosmetics.

– ‘Demi Whispies’ Ardell – my favourite false lashes!

3 13.10


– ‘Perfection Lumiere Velvet Foundation’ Chanel in colour #30 Beige

– ‘Bahama Mama’ The Balm for contouring!

– ‘Down Boy’ The Balm for blusher

– ‘Mary-Lou Manizer’ The Balm for my cheekbone highlight

2 13.10


– ‘Hoochie’ OCC Liptar – Might i just add how much i LOVE this colour! And this brand! Get in my belleh!

– haha! Bet you thought i was gonna say a lip liner here! NUH! OCC is so brilliantly pigmented that a lip liner is not required! Woo!

1 13.10

Ok that’s all!

Love you all, bye!


6 thoughts on “Stephanie’s Favourite Makeup Look! Purple Lips + Brown Smoky Eye!

  1. Oh .Im so.happy I.found you And exactly what I.needed help.with I was wearing less due to se hooding !!! Yoir Gorgeous and the technique is.perfect and makes sence I wasnso Happy that watching your 2nd video you wear the exact lashes wear Revlon liner w lip gloss sometimes a lighter color And Bottom.liner is A Must.!!!! But I did the.left.eye 100% Thankyou so.much I thought less is more Can’t wait I.have tons of.make.up Actually eyebrows are thiner so.raised then w a.brush Works great NOT.fond of the.tape deal.YOU.GOTTA GO.YA KNOW !!! 18 . Cosmologist then RN 24 yrs Did train Aesthetian but Hard to get But definitely lifts your.lids But $500.every 6 months Not now But Want to rid forehead wrinkles Thankyou thankyou Thank you Please FB.or email me Love YOUR TUTORIALS AND YOU.LOOK 30 TOPS AND it But need to keep my face pretty And w follow you.always !!!! Your a doll.Sincerly,


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