All About OILY SKIN! Skincare, Foundation, Cleansers – Everything you could want to know!

Hello poppets!

Ok, oily skin. What is there to say about it other than the fact that it’s awkward. Personally, my skin produces so much oil, you could harvest it and quite possibly run a country on it. So to say it’s been a journey for me to find how to manage and control it, is an understatement! I thought i’d do a video purely on oily skin and how to combat it (here it is!) and an accompanying blog post with all my suggestions for products that are best used for oily skins!


Right. Let’s start with cleaners first! (these are in no particular order, but will be good for your skin! remember, stay away from harsh cleansers!)

I have put the Priceline links underneath the products, if you aren’t Australian and don’t have Priceline, Sorry! Try Boots! ­čÖé



–┬áGarnier Goodbye Dry Gentle Cleansing Milk





–┬áCreme Lavante





– Trilogy┬áCream Cleanser





– Sukin┬áSensitive Cleansing Lotion





– Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Gentle Daily Cleanser





– Burt’s Bees┬áSensitive Facial Cleanser


Moving on to moisturisers!




– Palmer’s Cocoa Butter┬áMoisture Rich Night Cream





– Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Multi-Effect Perfecting Face Oil (trust me on this one! using an oily moisturiser at night will actually help stop your own excessively oily skin!)





–┬áRosehip Moisture Restorative Night Creme





– Origins Make a Difference




– Palmer’s Cocoa Butter┬áSkin Perfecting Moisturizing Day Cream





–┬áRosehip Regenerating Facial Moisturiser





– Sukin┬áSensitive Facial Moisturiser





– Origins A Perfect World


Aaaaand possibly the most confusing of all – FOUNDATION!



– Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet├łRE-VELVET-172305?sku=172311





– Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse





– Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse





– ┬áRevlon┬áColorStay Whipped Creme Makeup






– Revlon┬áColorStay MakeUp for Combination to Oily Skin





– Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Mousse Foundation





– Australis┬áMatte Up Foundation


And the easiest of all – POWDERS!



– Rimmel┬áStay Matte Pressed Powder





– Australis┬áFresh & Flawless Pressed Powder





– Revlon ColorStay Pressed Powder





– Maybelline┬áMatte Maker Mattifying Powder



There we go my dears! I hope you’ll find some products that you love from this large list!! I have my personal faves (obvs!) but don’t want to sway your opinions!

Oily skin is tricky, no doubt about it! Howver, once you learn what works for you, and you get your skin into a routine – you’ll be grand!!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Love you all!


9 thoughts on “All About OILY SKIN! Skincare, Foundation, Cleansers – Everything you could want to know!

  1. Hi Stephanie! I just found your videos on you-tube and I love them! Not getting much work done around here because I have to catch up on all the latest! Thank you so much for your tips and how-to’s. they are so helpful!


  2. Hello! Between the foundations of Rimmel and Maybelline, which one works better for you? I got the Chanel foundation but I would like a cheaper one to wear daily. Thank you so much!


  3. Hello, I hate to get off topic. but for whatever reason Google+ would not let me contact you on YouTube. I was wondering if you have a suggestion to a cheaper alternative to Bobbi Brown’s eyeshadow in the color “Wheat”. Thanks, Christa


  4. I love all of your videos so much!!! ­čÖé I’m so thankful that you posted this video and blog post about oily skin, as I can totally relate to your skin type to the t. Makes me feel like I’m not alone ­čÖé thankyou!


  5. I have no idea what to do with my face! It does feel oily (t-zone) BUT, I have loads of flaky skin on my forehead and my foundation just accentuates the flakes and it looks horrible when I wear makeup. But I have pink blotchy skin naturally so don’t like going out in public without makeup. Do you have any tips for me?!


    1. Hi! It used to happen to me, except It was con my cheeks… That’s because your skin is dehidrated… Now i add argan oil only in muy cheeks as a final step. I hate The feeling of foumdations, so i use just bb creams or cc creams. Now i’m using a Cc cream for ros├ícea.. Maybe it will work for your to├│ ­čÖé


  6. Hi! I have oily skin. Mt wedding is coming up and I’ll be doing my own makeup. I have bought all my supplies EXCEPT for my primer, foundation, contours and setting powders.
    Do you have any suggestions? I need full coverage and I need it to last all night! I am not really on a budget… I just need full lasting coverage that photographs well. Have you heard of graftobian? I’ve been looking into that stuff… I’ve heard it’s pretty lightweight but still very full coverage. Also ben-nye setting powder… what do you think?


  7. I love your YouTube channel because they are absolutely genuine about oily skin and are so helpful and I’ve learned a ton with the very few that I have seen. I see you’ve been fighting acne since a young child and so have I and most of it has gone away but my blackheads have always remained and because of the years going by they are starting to create large porse. Please need help on tips for this all the cleansers I have used are harsh on my skin would love some feedback! Xx


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