‘The Vamp’ Black Smoky Eyes + Glossy Red Lip

Hi Lads and Ladies!

Here’s my latest video! I dub thee: ‘The Vamp’ – Black Smoky Eyes + Glossy Red Lip.

Products Used:


– Sticky tape (I used surgical tape that i got from Ebay, just search surgical tape, it’s so cheap and easier on the skin than regular sticky tape!)

– ‘Wheat’ Bobbi Brown

– ‘Rich Caviar’ Bobbi Brown

– ‘Carbon’ MAC

– Stylo Yuex ’10 Noir’ (fancy name for a waterproof black eyeliner!) Chanel

– Le Volume Mascara in Black Chanel

– ‘Flawless Figure’ – MAC (inner corner highlight)

– Brows were Chanel brow pencil in ’30 Brun’

6 17.9


– ‘Perfection Lumiere Foundation’ Colour ’10 Beige’ Chanel

5 17.9– Fresh and Flawless mattifying face powder Australis Cosmetics

– ‘Strada’ MAC (technically a blush shade, i used this as a contour. This colour is discontinued, but ‘Harmony’ from MAC is so similar, so you can get that instead.)

– I used a cheapo bronzer from Ebay for my contour around the forehead and jawline. Use any that suits your skin tone.

– For my blush i used ‘Blushbaby’ from MAC

– My highlight was ‘Mary-Lou Manizer’ from The Balm


– Ben Nye Lip Liner in ‘Really Red’

– Kit Cosmetics lip gloss – it has no name lol! but it was red.

And that my friends was what i used! I love this look, i don’t wear it often, cos it is full on! But when you want to really make an impact, and go for that sexy, sultry ‘vampy’ look – then this is the makeup for that! Hope you enjoyed this look guys, love you all!! xoxo

8 17.9

5 thoughts on “‘The Vamp’ Black Smoky Eyes + Glossy Red Lip

  1. Hello,
    sorry, my english ist not so good!:O) I`ve found your wonderful videos on youtube and then i visit your blog! Wonderful! Please, can you explain me, how i can get grey strands of hair like you in your Make up tutorials?
    Thank you


  2. I love all of your makeup tutorials. I haVe recently got into makeup but had a hard time applying it because of my hooded eyes. So Stepanie thank you. I enjoy your blog and you tube videos……now I’m off to your IG…..new subbie/follower/friend whatever it is called.


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