Makeup for Mature Ladies! ‘Daytime Glamour’

Shoutout to Norma and Rosie who requested a makeup for mature ladies tutorial!

Alright, i’m just going to jump straight into the step by step instructions, cos i have a feeling this may be a long post!

4 2.9

– Wear foundation! In my job i get a lot of mature women tell me they don’t like foundation as it makes them feel heavy, cakey and that i settles in all the wrong spots (eg. lines). This is true to an extent, but really it just means that you’re using the wrong formulation of foundation. Try to avoid anything that has a thick consistency. I would suggest two Chanel foundations, as these are the best for mature skin in my opinion.

1: Chanel Vitalumiere Foundation: This baby is an oil based foundation, so it’s excellent if you have dry skin. It has a sheer to medium coverage. It definitely gives a ‘dewy’ (oily) finish, so if you have oil prone skin – stay away from this one! I would also advise you to ABSOLUTELY set this one in place with powder (more on that later) otherwise it will melt off almost immediately.

2: Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation: This is the one i used on my mum in the tutorial. Yes i would say that it is better suited to an oily skin, however the reason i like it for mature skin is because it is an incredibly smoothing foundation. It hides any lines, lumps and bumps like no other foundation I’ve ever tried! It has medium to full coverage, and is an extremely fine consistency, so it’s fine to apply to the eye area too. (Too thick a consistency and it would settle in those tiny lines around the eyes, making them appear far bigger than they are). I would recommend however, to moisturise your skin about 5 minutes before applying this foundation, otherwise it will tend to grab onto any areas of dry skin. It is not essential to set this foundation in place with powder, as i dries ‘dry’. I would recommend you use a fine dusting of powder however, if you need it to last all day, or are going to an event or something where you want to look flawless.

– Don’t be afraid of powder! I know, i know. Some powders will cake up your foundation, make fine lines appear like crevices and make your skin feel all dry and horrid. Yeah, this can be true, however it is a necessary evil. (Is that a tad dramatic?) Basically, apart from Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet – EVERY LIQUID OR CREAM THAT YOU APPLY TO YOUR FACE MUST BE SET WITH A FINE DUSTING OF POWDER. Adhere to that rule! I would suggest you invest in a good quality setting powder. My favourite for mature skin is the Chanel Vitalumiere Compact Doucer (fancy name for a compact powder.) Basically, this one is extra fine, so you can barely see it on the skin! The pigments are fancy too, and will help to blur any fine lines and pores! It’s not a ‘cakey’ matte finish either, it leaves you with a satiny, radiant glow. Apply it with a big fluffy powder brush to set your foundation in place, and if you need any touch ups during the day, pat a little powder on with the sponge that it comes with.

–  Bronzing / Contouring! Really any brand will do for this, Bobbi Brown has a lovely arrange of colours to suit all skin tones! Make sure you choose a bronzer that isn’t too dark for your skin tone, you want it to be only 2 shades darker, so that it will warm up your complexion, without looking too obvious. Make sure it has no shimmer or sparkle, as you want to be able to apply this bronzer all over your face (kind of). Which brings me to this step: When you apply your bronzer to areas that the sun hits naturally (i.e top of the forehead, bridge of the nose, tip of the chin) it gives you a lovely glow, and makes the skin look sun kissed and healthy. I also bring some bronzer underneath the cheek bones to act as a contour, and to make the cheek bones appear more prominent and sculpted.

– Blush! This is another important step that is either overlooked, or done incorrectly (it is a tricky little thing, that rouge powder!) First of all, apply it with the right kind of brush, not that crappy little brush that they all come with. Invest in a nice medium sized fluffy brush, and it will make the application SO much easier! Apply a veeeery small amount at a time. A little usually goes a long way with blush, so apply a tiny amount, and gradually build the depth of colour up should you need it. Next, don’t rub your blush on. Gently pat it into the skin. This way you won’t ruin your carefully applied foundation underneath!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.42.46 am

–  Onto the eyes! There’s one fool proof eye look that i do again and again for mature ladies, it’s a simple case of conturing and highlighting the eye area! First of all, i always make sure to apply a highlight. Anything reflective and whitish will do! Apply it directly into the inner corners of the eyes and underneath the brow bone. Applying it in the inner corners will make the eyes appear bigger and more awake, and a little under the brow bone gives the eyes such a lift!

– Apply a matte, medium brown eyeshadow all over the lid. I use ‘Wheat’ from Bobbi Brown, but anything that you have should be ok! Blend it out so that there are no obvious harsh lines. We want everything to look soft. Next, to add a bit of depth to the eyes, i apply a little dark brown to the very outer corners of the eyes. This will elongate them and it looks flattering on every eye shape! I use ‘Handwritten’ from MAC usually.

– Next it’s time for eyeliner! I would recommend a waterproof liner if you tend to get water eyes or that ‘panda’ effect. I suggest Chanel’s Stylo Waterpoof liner (yeah yeah, Chanel again! but they really do have amazing products!). Instead of drawing a straight line, i think it looks best to feather liner through the roots of the lashes, and then taking either your finger, a small brush or a cotton tip, blend the liner out so it looks soft and smoky. This will also make the lash line appear thicker!

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.50.10 am

– I put a bit of white eyeliner in the inner rims of my mum’s lower eyelid. Not the top! Concentrate a dark eyeliner in the inner rim of the top eyelid, but the bottom eyelid is where you want to make it appear really ‘light’. That way it won’t make the eyes appear to be drooping downwards, and will instead give a lifted effect. I used an Australis white eyeliner, but any will do really.

– Mascara! Not much to this, just a little on the top and bottom lashes, concentrating the majority of the product onto your top lashes. Again, if you end up with panda eyes at the end of the day use a waterproof mascara. Don’t worry about it being harder to remove, a little quality eye makeup remover will do the trick! In this video i used Chanel Le Volume mascara in Black. (Non waterproof as that’s all i had!)

Screen Shot 2014-09-09 at 9.50.57 am

– BROWS!!! Brows change everything about your appearance! Bad brows, and everything else looks kinda bad too! Good brows however, work wonders! I like to fill in the brows of all my clients, but very, very naturally. It’s important to choose the right brow pencil colour, and even more important to do light, feathery strokes, mimicking the natural hairs, instead of a few long obviously drawn in lines. Am i making sense? I follow the natural brow shape, and go a little above, and a little below where the natural hairs may be. I used Chanel brow pencil in ’30 Brun Natural’, and i think this is a brilliant colour for blondes, and light brunettes.

– For lips i would hiiiiighly suggest using a lip liner over a lipstick! Lipsticks won’t last a terribly long time on the lips, and because of their creamy texture, they do have a tendency to ‘bleed’ into any small lines that you may have around your lips. I personally love the Chanel lip liners as they stay put all day! I would usually then apply a little lip balm, or gloss over the top to give some hydration and comfort to your lips. In the video i used Chanel Lip Liner in ‘Rose Poudre’ and added a little of Rimmel’s ‘Vintage Pink’ on top. I also added a teeny weeny bit of clear gloss on top of that for some shine.

5 2.9

And that’s the day time look complete! Please let me know if you have any questions at all! As a makeup artist, a lot of my clients are mature aged ladies, and so i have honed in on my staple tips and tricks for the best look. I hope to hear from you guys! Love you all, Stephi xo

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P.S: Thanks Mummy for agreeing to let me do your makeup and appearing in my video! I love you!

11 thoughts on “Makeup for Mature Ladies! ‘Daytime Glamour’

  1. So enjoyed this!!! As a mature lady of course I lve to see other ladies like myself. Your Mom looked wonderful! I too am a cool toned person so that is a help when u do your makeup. Thank you Sue


  2. Stephanie I’m stalking you across all platform ha ha! Sorry!! I’m helping my mum apply her make up for an event we are attending On Friday? Would you reccomend a primer on more mature skin and my mum literally has the same strawberry blonde hair and skin tone as your mum so this tutorial is perfect for us! I came on here to see the step by step guide and the products!


    1. I don’t think a primer is necessary, and if it feels slippery and it’s silicone based i would steer clear all together! What i would do is moisturise her skin well first, with a nice light weight moistuiser, and then pat the foundation onto her skin. (make sure to give the moistuiser time to soak in before applying the foundation!) Hope it goes well love! xo


  3. WOW! I’m 48 yrs. old and this video is fantastic. I could not believe the difference the eyebrows and white eyeliner on the water line made on your mom. Instantly she was looking at least 10+ years younger! Your mom is gorgeous btw and so lucky to have a daughter like you. Loved you two trying to get eyeliner on her-funny! Great tips and explanations throughout all of your videos. OK, now I’ve got to practice eyebrows, cut creases, and white eyeliner. Love all of your videos, especially the cut creases and different color combos used. Really appreciate the tip on using foundation to go back over things to clean up the edges-smart. I am determined to master this for myself. Please keep up the great work and thanks for taking the time to make videos for all of us. Wishing you continued success in all that you do. Subscribed! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hi Stephanie
    I stumbled across some of your You Tube videos on the weekend and found myself watching many of them and learning so many new things to try.
    Im 55 and am glad you showed a video of your Mums makeup.
    I love your Aussie sense of humour in your clips. Thanks again.


  5. Hi Stephanie, I love your videos and blog. You and your mom are both beautiful! Can you do a tutorial and really glam up your mom? I am 43 and this look is pretty, but I am a makeup lover, more of a glam type and this mature makeup tutorial isn’t quite standout, sophisticated enough for me 🙂 but need help as I’ve gotten older.


  6. Hi I’m looking for some advice 😡 im really struggling with eyeshadow I’m 34 and have hooded eyes but they problem I have is my eye lids are so crepe looking that when I do eyeshadows it looks crap 😢 do you have any tips? X


  7. Hi Stephanie

    Just found one of your videos on YouTube and now watching all of them.

    I am hoping you would consider advising those of us whose eyes turn down at the outer corners when we want them to look more almond shapedshaped and turned up.

    Thank you! Love your tips!


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