Warm, Smokey, Berry look – for Winter!


Hope you enjoyed my second video in my new filming space! I’m still loving it! Soo much better than filming in the bathroom!

Anyway, here’s a link to the video if you missed it!

1 25.8

So! First things first; lemme give you a step by step run down of that i used and did for this look!

– I applied my Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation all over my face, including my lips! “Eh, what?” you might ask. Yes, i put my foundation on my lips too, especially when i’m working with dark or very pigmented lip colours. The reason being, it takes away any wishy washy natural pigmentation or lip lines, so that you can start from scratch with your lip liner! I also powdered my face to set the foundation. I used Australis ‘Fresh and Flawless’ powder.

– I filled in my eyebrows! I use Chanel brow pencil in the colour ’30 Brun Natural’

– For my lip liner i used Australis liner in the colour ‘Scarlett Fever’. I sharpened my pencil to a very sharp point, so that i could draw a precise lip line. I then used the same pencil and colour my lips in completely. I always do this with my lip liner, as lip liners last so much longer on the lips than lipstick.

– The lippy i used was from Motives Cosmetics and it’s called ‘Divine’. I get my Motives Cosmetics from a lovely Motives Rep named Heather. I get it from her online shop: http://www.motivescosmetics.com/cynmart   << she ships internationally! Her Instagram is: @sissycyndiggity if you wana ask her any questions!

– Moving onto eyes! As always i used ‘Wheat’ by Bobbi Brown on my Bdellium Tools blending brush. I applied Wheat all through my crease and winged it out slightly to give a soft smoky effect. I also brought the colour underneath my lower lashes.

– I then used a medium matte brown from Girlee Cosmetics. If that eyeshadow has a name – i don’t know it! Sorry! Any medium matte brown will do though 🙂 I simply deepened up the crease and also ran it underneath the lower lashes using the Real Techniques base shadow brush.

– Theeen i popped a bit of MAC’s ‘Handwritten’ on the outer corners of the eyes to elongate them and add a bit of drama! I used a wonderful blending brush from www.designermakeuptools.com to apply it.

– I then took Chanel’s new liquid liner pen (Ecriture De Chanel Stylo) and ran it through my upper lash line and brought it out to a small ‘feline flick’ ( this is all my slightly hooded eyes allow! )

1 26.8

– Taking a tiiiiny little bit of Bobbi Brown’s ‘Rich Caviar’ on a small flat brush, i ran a little underneath my lower lashes, just on the outer corner.

– I put a little bit of white eyeliner on the lower inner rim, just to open my eyes up a bit and make them appear bigger and more awake. I used one from Australis, but any will work.

– I used Chanel Le Volume mascara for my top and bottom lashes! If you wanna see how i apply my mascara to make them appear really thick and volumous, check out my video:

– I almost forgot to apply a highlight! Agh! I put a bit of MACs ‘Flawless Figure’ into the inner corners of my eyes and also underneath the brown bone. Very important!

– For my contouring i used MACs ‘Strada’ although very annoyingly this has been discontinued!! Grrrr!! Don’t worry though pale peeps! ‘Harmony’ from MAC is pretty much identical.

– I popped a little of MACs ‘Blushbaby’ blush on the apples of the cheeks, and blended it up and away to nothing.

And that my friends is the finished look!!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial! Let me know if you tried this look out for yourself, or take a picture and tag me in it on Instagram! (mine is: @stephanielangemakeup)


Love you all, bye!


2 25.8


12 thoughts on “Warm, Smokey, Berry look – for Winter!

  1. I have just found you on YouTube and I have been loving your videos. You are a refreshing change from so many of the other Beauty Gurus out there. I am one of your pale faced peeps too. I love your choices for contouring too. You are beautiful and your videos are putting me to work! LOL As I watch your videos and am working on my (makeup) shopping list. Keep up the good work.😊


  2. You are an absolute beauty. Found your youtube videos’s this afternoon and haven’t stopped watching them yet! I’m having a date night with the boyfriend on saturday and this is the look im definitely going for! It’s so glamorous yet so simple. I LOVE it.

    Stay Beautiful
    Hannah King


  3. Your absolutely gorgeous! I am going on a well over-due date night with my other half this Saturday and this the perfect look to wow him with. I’m a newbie to the eyeshadow but with your guidance in this video i reckon I’ve got it! If your interested in seeing how the look turns out for me I can always give you an email?

    Stay beautiful!

    Hannah x


  4. I use a straight pin to separate my eyelashes… I have long lashes and am unashamedly addicted to mascara. 🙂 My philosophy is if one coat is good, then 14 coats must be better. lol My only problem is that when applying mascara, it really gets on my eyelid, right up against the lashes like eyeliner would. I have to clean that area with a cotton swab before doing eyeliner. I’ve tried looking down and I’ve tried tilting my head way back. Any suggestions? Thanks so much.. I’ve watched all your tutorials on YouTube today and my eyes fell out onto my desk. *smooch*


  5. Your videos are amazing! I also have a cool skin tone so it is very helpful to me. Definitely going to get the blush you use from MAC and the wheat shadow from Bobbie Brown. Thanks for the advice 🙂


  6. Hi,
    I love your videos! Do you have any tips on how to get your mascara off? My eyes always end up irritated since I can’t get all the mascara off. 😦


  7. What is the instrumental song you used in the best makeup look for winter video? And a lot of your other videos?

    Great makeup by the way, love your videos you’re so beautiful.


  8. Hi! I love your videos and you’re so beautiful!! I loved you winter look and i try to find Divine from Motives Cosmetics, but i didn’t find that brand in my country. Could you tell me another brand where i can find this lipstick colour?


  9. I just found you yesterday and have already spent hours watching your videos and scrolling through your blog. I loved makeup when I was in school but about the time i hit 24, i started having serious acne issues. My dermatologist basically told me it was a hormonal issue and i’d pretty much have to get through it but did give me some cream to help with the redness. Now, almost 5 years later, I still have acne issues and have pretty much given up on makeup because I feel like it just causes more breakouts than anything. After watching your videos about acne and makeup issues when it comes to acne, I hope I can have the best of both worlds (if there’s a best world when it comes to acne?). i’m also VERY pale so it was refreshing to find someone else who also has porcelain skin and can address (and demonstrate) some of the issues that pale-skinned people face. All of that was basically just for me to say THANK YOU and that I can’t wait to try some of the tips you provided.

    Whew, with that out of the way, now to my actual question…

    In addition to the paleness and acne, I also have trichotillomania. If you have never heard of that, very basically it’s an impulse control disorder and most often expresses itself through hair pulling. Most people who have it, pull out the hair on their head. Fortunately, I do not have that manifestation of it BUT i do pull my eyelashes and eyebrows so…I have none. That makes some make up application very tricky. I can’t just fill in eyebrows because I have none to start with. I can’t use mascara and applying falsies just makes me want to pull at my eyes even more. There’s no way a set of fake lashes would make it through the day.

    So, after that novel I just wrote, I was wondering if you have any tips for completely drawing in eyebrows without them looking toooo drawn in and any tips for really dressing up eyes without eyelashes.


  10. Do you recommend using wheat by bobbi brown for any complexion and skin tone?? I really need a good all rounder eye shadow!


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