School Makeup! (and photos)

Ugh! So as promised, here are the dreaded school photos! I figured i may as well include all the way from Kindy to Year 12!

Photo 1: Kindy! All these ramshackle photos i found in my mum’s wallet! Every year she would add the most recent school (or preschool) photo of me to here wallet, until she had them all! Here is me age 1-4!


Here is the red faced me on the left! :O aaaand there is my little sister on the right! We are both around 15 in these photos. Interesting comparison! lol




Here we have a little collection of photos from both mine and Shannon’s high school years!

Top Left: Age 14! Not so bad (i don’t think!)

Top Right: Age 16: I remember thinking i was really good looking that day! lol i put so much effort into my hair! (I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup!)


Bottom Left: My final year in high school! I was going through an ’emo’ phase, hence the fringe and black eyeliner. I also drew some freckles onto my nose on that day for my school photo!

Bottom Right: Age 13!! Ugh! look at my hair! I held that thick mop back with two tiny butterfly clips! Shannon looks fine however!



And that my friends is a little glimpse at why i chose my sister Shannon as my model for ‘School Makeup’!

K bye!!


5 thoughts on “School Makeup! (and photos)

  1. Yay for finding someone who does makeup tutorials for pale girls! πŸ™‚

    Do you think you will do an eyebrow tutorial on Youtube at some point? I have practically invisible eyebrows, and I’ve tried tinting/penciling them in, but I have no skill for it and they never look right. I would love to know what technique you use to get yours looking so perfect πŸ™‚


  2. You look pretty then you look pretty now your just grown up in my case it dosen’t matter what you look like it’s your pearsonality bug you do amson YouTube videos and I love the ones with your sister in it there really funny:)


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