Loose Wavy Hair!


Right. So straight off the bat let me tell you – i am no good at hair. It is not a strong point of mine and i slightly despise it BUT! I can do loose waves with a straightener! Woo!

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So what you’ll need:


– a straightener. GHDs work brilliantly for this, and i would still be using mine except that someone trod on mine and killed them. So i have a Corioliss instead. I got this swell from Sally’s Salon Services, here’s the link:


– A good hair serum (this is kind of a must!) my favourite ever hair serum is the ‘Hair Elixir Oil from Marrakesh’.


I first started using it when i worked at Sally’s Salon Services in Edinburgh and let me tell you, this stuff saved my hair’s life! Here’s the link to it:


 If you’re not in the UK or Ireland (or Scotland or Wales) and can’t get your hands on Argan Oil, try this one instead. It’s a bit more expensive, but it is good, and it’s readily available pretty much everywhere.


Here’s the link:


 – So! What you do it pop a little bit (about a coin sized amount) of serum into the palm of your hands. Rub ’em together gently and then run your hands through the lengths of your hair. Careful no to go too close to your scalp as this will make your hair look oily. I’d say start at your ears, and work your way down.

– Once your serum is in, brush your hair. I use my favourite evaaaa hair brush which is this one here:10547112-1319724695-576118

I swear by this hair brush. I have very thick, very course hair and when it tangles, it get matted. I mean dreadlocks style knots. This hair brush here is the only one i use in my hair as it gets ALL the tangles out, and doesn’t hurt! If i didn’t have this brush i honestly think i would never brush my hair, as it would be way too traumatic.

Here’s the link!


 – So after you’ve brushed your hair, you wanna turn your straightener on. Duh. I set mine to 180 degrees. This is hot enough to style my hair so i don’t go any hotter.

– Next, separate your hair into 2 halves. Flip one over your shoulder so that it’s out of the way. Taking a ‘slice’ of hair from the front of your face, (make sure it’s not too thick and not too thin), gently run your brush through it again to make sure there’s no tangles. Clamp your straightener to the root of your hair, and gently and slowly pull the straighteners down through the length of your hair. As you get to the mid lengths, slowly start to turn your straighteners. If this isn’t making sense, check out the tutorial i did for this:

– Repeat this process all through your hair. If you want your curls to look natural, reverse the way that your turn your straighteners so that you have curls pointing in opposite directions. (am i making sense?!)

3 29.6– Right! Once all your hair is curled, your have the option to either brush through it, or leave it. I usually don’t brush through mine as i already have thick hair and don’t want any extra volume, but if your hair is fine, i’d suggest you do brush through the curls.

– Now, you can either hairspray your hair, or not. My hair goes ratty and crispy if i spray it, so i don’t. If your hair however doesn’t hold curl too well, then you will need to spray it. Choose a good quality hairspray as this won’t make your hair too heavy. Hold the can about 30cm from your hair and spray a fine mist. Just a litre should do!

Aaaaaand you’re finished!! If you tried this hair, make sure to tag me on Instagram so i can see!

Stephi xo

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