Easy(ish) Winged Liner!

Oh hello! Yep, i have done a YouTube video on this too!


The trick to winged liner (or liquid liner in general) is to move slowly, fearlessly and in short feathery movement. (and keep your ‘eraser’ close by)

One of my favourite liner to use is the Ben Nye Cake Eyeliner. It’s brilliant as it’s a dry formula that you mix with a little water when you want to use it! It doesn’t smudge easily, and it stays put. It also won’t ever ‘dry out’, as that’s what it’s supposed to do!

11 29.6

Steps to achieving a great winged liner:

– Use a good quality liquid liner (important! if yours is gloomy and gluggy it will really hard to apply.)

– Use a fine point or fine angled brush to apply.

– Don’t try and apply your liner in one long swoop. This will only end in disaster πŸ˜‰ you want to start from the inner corner of the eye, and in short feathery movements, gradually build your line.

– Use your lashes as a stabler. Gently rest your brush against your lashes as you draw. This will not only help you get your line as close to the lashes as possible, but it will help you get a precise line too.

– Have an eraser handy! This is a trick i picked up off Chloe Morello, and it works wonders! With another angled brush (this is preferable as it will give your precise control over your erasing) wet the tip with some liquid makeup remover. Any mistakes that you make can then simply be wiped off without ruining the integrity of your line! πŸ˜€

13 29.6

– That’s about it!

Watch the video for a little demo by me!

Ok bye love ya!

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