Easy + Pretty ‘Everyday’ Makeup!

Oh helloooooo!

I’ve just uploaded this video to YouTube:


Did you watch it? 😀

Here’s a few pics and a product list of the products i used!

2 14.7

Ok! So first things first:

– I moisturised my skin. I used ‘Australlian Pure Beauty’ moisturiser for sensitive skin. I use this one before makeup and in the morning as it’s very lightweight and it won’t prevent my foundation adhering.

– I used my Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation in the colour 10 beige for my foundation. I LOVE this foundation. Best EVER for oily, blemished skin.

– I set my foundation in place with my Chanel Vitalumiere Doucer powder in the colour 30 beige (i mix n match colours yo) but if i want a long wearing setting powder, i usually use Australis Fresh n Flawless powder in colour ‘Natural’.

– I applied a highlight to the inner corners of my eyes, and underneath the brow bone. I used MAC’s ‘Flawless Figure’ which is out of the ‘All Woman’ pallete.

– I then used ‘Wheat’ by Bobbi Brown on my favourite brush by ‘Bdellium Tools’ through my crease. As i have hooded eyes this step is very important in making my lids appear deeper than they are.

– The next step is optional but i do it to elongate my eyes and to add a little depth. I applied ‘Embark’ by MAC in a ‘C’ shape on the outer corners of my eyes, and then blended it out!

– I ran a little of ‘Wheat’ by Bobbi Brown underneath my lower lash line to add depth and make the eyes appear rounder, and then over the top of that on a smaller flat shadow brush, i applied a tiiiiiny bit of ‘Embark’ directly underneath the lower lashes. Keep the darker colours very close to the lashes, almost running the colour through them. This will give you a subtle smoky effect.

– I didn’t use eyeliner! None!

– Next up is Chanel’s ‘Le Volume’ mascara in the colour black. I apply about two / three coats of this, depending on how volumes i want my lashes to look. I concentrate my colour at the base of my lashes, so that it lifts them and makes them appear much thicker!

– I filled in my brows with Chanel’s brow pencil in the colour ’30 Natural Brun’

– For my cheek contour i used ‘Strada’ by MAC. This colour has sadly been discontinued (cry!) but ‘Harmony’ from MAC is very similar. I applied my contour with my LimeLilly angled blush brush.

– I used a cheap bronzer / contour powder that i got from Ebay ages ago for the rest of my face. I apply that to anywhere the  sun naturally hits, i.e top of the forehead, bridge of the nose, a wee bit on the cheekbones, under the chin (i know the sun doesn’t hit there, but it will act as a contour lol). Here’s the link:


– Theeeen i used ‘Blushbaby’ blush from MAC on my cheeks, i applied it with my favourite blush brush from ‘Hair and Makeup Addiction’. The brush is actually called ‘The Blusher’!

– Finally for my lips i used ‘Irreplaceable’ from Motives Cosmetics. Here’s where i get my Motives makeup from: global.shop.com/cynmart they ship globally!

So that’s the finished look! It’s really quick and easy to do (by my standards) but it is very flattering for the face!

Hope you guys enjoyed the look! Let me know what you thought!

3 14.7

Love you all!

Goodnight! (i’m away to bed ZZZzzzzz…….)

Stephi xo

2 thoughts on “Easy + Pretty ‘Everyday’ Makeup!

  1. Until yesterday I didn’t know what hooded eyes were. I only knew something was off every time I did my eye makeup over the past 30 years. I literally can’t wait to try your “everyday makeup” tips. I’m in love with all your videos and you are so adorably funny.

    A question: is there a reason I haven’t seen you using an eyelash curler, or does the Chanel mascara do that via magic? Or science? Or sciency magic?


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