FV Cosmetics – Intense Lip Pigments – Review!

Hi everyone!!

Ok so if you follow me on Instagram (@stephanielangemakeup), you’ll know that i’m a huge fan of coloured lips. The more unnatural and pigmented the better! So as you can imagine i was thrilled to get my hands on some of the FVanderbilt Cosmetics intense lip pigments! In my haul i got some of the intense lip cremes, and also some of the lipsticks. I think i love the lip cremes the best, simply because they are SO pigmented. A little goes a very, very long way. They also last a long time on the lips, which is brilliant, and they are super hydrating!

Here’s the lip cremes I got:




And here’s the lipsticks i got:

10 11


Intense colour pigments, you can get them in either creme consistency, or lipstick.


Price: Range from $10 for lip cremes, and around $8 for lippies.

Amount: 30mls     


A little goes a looong way. Also the lip cremes are very hydrating on the lips!


The lippies can be a wee bit drying on the lips, but then again i find that to be the case with most intensely pigmented coloured lipsticks. Nothing that a little balm or gloss on top won’t fix.

How to Use: 

With the lip cremes, they are so pigmented that you won’t need any lip liner or lippy underneath, just pop them straight on using the built in applicator, or use a lip brush for a more precise application. For the lipsticks, you may want to use a liner underneath, but it’s not essential. I would apply these with a brush to get a more precise line, and even coverage.

Would I buy it again?

Um, yes. As soon as mine run out, i will be wanting more! However i don’t think i will be running out in a hurry, (remember, a little goes a long way!) Also, on a little side note, these cosmetics are from The Bronx in America. How cool is that!

Here’s how to contact FVanderbilt Cosmetics in case you wana get your mitts on some intense lip colours:


Instagram: @fvcosmetics

Hope you enjoyed this post lads and ladies!!  If you wanna see these lip cremes in action, i have done a tutorial on how i wear my Purple lip creme on YouTube! Here it is:

Let me know what you think!

Stephi xx

5 thoughts on “FV Cosmetics – Intense Lip Pigments – Review!

  1. So… this brand of cosmetics is a confiable brand? I payed for my lipstick and never received it, and Fae never respond to my emails. I think I’ve been scammed, and I notice that brand because of your videos, you must be careful of what type of brands you talk about in your videos.


    1. Oh no! I’m so sorry that happened to you! I will see if i can get through to them on your behalf, and if it turns out they aren’t reliable, i will take down my review. I don’t want you guys to get scammed. 😦


  2. Hi, i live in Miami and I have being trying to search where to buy them and still I Have no clue… So is the brand reliable? Where can I buy them?


  3. I happen to know the owner of this brand personally and Id like to be one of the first to say that they are planning a MAJOR relaunch in the coming weeks, with a whole new line of cool pigments in a brand new style! Don’t give up on the up and coming companies! Regardless of the issues regarding shipment, (which I’m sure won’t happen in this relaunch) one thing I won’t argue is that these are great lipsticks! So stay tuned, and know that we’ll be back bigger and better!


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