Best Foundation for Oily Skin – Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet – Review!

Hi guys!

I have just uploaded onto my YouTube channel, a review and demo of the new Chanel Perfection Lumiere Foundation. If you wana a check it out, here it is!

If not, keep on reading and i’ll review it here for you! : *



Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet is a velvety matte foundation. It is perfect for oily / combination skin, and for people who prefer a matte finish. It is a liquid foundation, and i would say it has medium to full coverage. It has an SPF or 15, however don’t be worried about flashback, as Chanel see a special type of SPF that doesn’t cause flashback. The fluid is a very fine consistency, and it gives your skin a smooth effect as it goes on.


Price: $77

Amount: 30mls

foundation pic


Oh so many pros!! This foundation has amazing coverage without feeling thick or masque like. It is not a flat matte finish, but a radiant matte finish. You can still see some iridescence when you turn your face to the light. Although it is a very lightweight finish, the foundation does last in place all day. It has SPF. I suppose that’s good, most people like SPF on their faces nowadays. The packaging is travel friendly. It’s in a plastic bottle, so you know it won’t smash in your bag or if you drop it! It is truly buildable. It applies with a medium coverage, but you can absolutely build it to a full coverage. A major plus is that it doesn’t look like you’ve tried to build it! It never looks cake or thick on the skin, but it can hide a multitude of blemishes and redness, pigmentation etc. It doesn’t actually need to be set with powder!!! Wut! This is the ONLY foundation where i would say it doesn’tΒ needΒ to be set with powder. Reason is it dries ‘dry’ on the skin, and it has a powdery / velvety finish on it’s own. I still powder my t-zone, but that’s because I’m a shine phobe πŸ˜‰



Hmm… i suppose the main con would be the price. In Australia it costs $77, which to be honest isn’t that bad considering how good quality the foundation is. The other con would be the colour range. I am using a 10 in the foundation, which is the lightest shade it comes in. If you are any paler than me you may struggle. The darkest colour is a 50, however it is more pink toned than olive, so again very dark complexions may struggle. Oh! Another con is that if you have dry patches of skin, it will cling to any flakey bits, so just make sure you moisturise your skin first.

How to Use:

As the consistency is so fine, make sure to shake the bottle well before application. A little goes a long way, so build the foundation up in fine layers. I’ve tried numerous ways to apply this foundation, but i would say the best way to apply it is with a sponge. This will ensure you get a smooth finish and can build the coverage. Definitely don’t rub it into the skin!! This will cause hyper exfoliation and you will get tiny little flakey bits of skin that the foundation will stick to. So just stipple this foundation into the skin.

If you require more coverage, apply one thin layer everywhere, wait a moment for it to set on the skin, and then anywhere that you feel needs more coverage, stipple another fine layer on top. Repeat this process until you have the desired coverage.

2 14.7

Would I buy it again?

Um absolutely yes. I will be stocking up on it for my freehand kit, and as i am actually a makeup artist for Chanel in Australia, i think if they ever discontinue this foundation, i would have to quit out of protest πŸ˜‰

Hope you found this little review helpful!! Let me know in the comments if you have any questions, or products you would like reviewed!

Love Stephanie xo

10 thoughts on “Best Foundation for Oily Skin – Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet – Review!

  1. Hello Stephanie, My name is Kristen.

    First off, I am so happy I stumbled across your tutorials! Pale, pink, oily skin, with large pores and puffy hooded eyes, your became this girls go to makeup artist for tips! Thanks so much! I have been struggling a lot with foundations, how they set on my skin throughout the day, tones as well as being cake face after using certain brands. I really want to try the Chanel foundation you use. But I’m very nervous as most make me breakout in cystic acne, (which I don’t actually have acne usually, and I follow a rigorous cleansing routine day and night, and always moisturize), or look terrible on me. Also, can I ask if you think this could be applied with a beauty blender, or would you advise someone its not the best foundation to be used with one?


    1. Hi love! Yes, if i were you i’d try the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet foundation. Apply with with a regular triangle sponge or beauty blender, just make sure your sponge is clean so you don’t transfer bacteria to your skin. Give your skin time to get used to the new foundation, as usually your skin will break out when you try a new product, but once it gets used to it you should be ok. Let me know how you go! Oh, and see if you can get a sample of the foundation first so you can see how your skin reacts. xo


  2. Hello Stephanie ! I really enjoy your tutoriel I am only starting in this makeup world ahah and I truly love that and I’ve been struggling as I have a really pale and cold skintone so this help me so much but I was wondering could you do a tutorial this foundation tutoriel and the skincare routine for a dry skin ?
    Thank you so much πŸ™‚


  3. Hi Stephanie! Your videos are so helpful! I’ve learned so much! I have acne prone skin, with alot of red marks and ice pick scars 😦 😦 I’m on my last month of Accutane and it’s helped so far (fewer breakouts but of course the scarring is still there)…but I guess the jury is still out. After watching your tutorial, I’m eager to give this foundation a try. I am of Indian decent with olive and yellow undertones and I think it would be helpful to see you do a tutorial on someone with a slightly darker complexion than your own. Thanks again for your helpful videos! πŸ™‚


  4. hello Stephanie!..thank you for your makeup videos I loveee all of them!!! I would like to know which camera do you use!! cause it looks soo gooood, with high quality!
    much love from Dominican Republic:)


  5. Gotta show some love to Perfection Lumiere Velvet because it gets overshadowed by Vitalumiere Aqua all too often. I used to love VA until I discovered PLV. I love the coverage, how it sets to feel like nothing on your skin, and the longer wear time. It is the best of both worlds…matte and a glow πŸ™‚ enjoy!


  6. Hello Stephanie! Thank you for your videos. Do you think this foundation covers well large pores? Will I still need a good primer and which one?
    Thank you for your help!


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